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Braces for kids: straighten teeth today for their confident smile tomorrow

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Does your child have crooked, misaligned, gappy, or overcrowded teeth?

child dental

Have they started to receive some nasty comments from their peers? Or can you tell they’re a bit self-conscious about their teeth, and perhaps have already asked about getting kids braces?

Our contemporary orthodontic treatments are performed by our highly experienced dentists, in our family friendly and welcome clinic ensuring children get their smile sorted and their confidence soaring.

Straight teeth, lovely smile
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What types of braces should I choose for my kid?

child dental

We will recommend what type will be most appropriate for your child, however the different types from least to most expensive include: traditional metal braces, ceramic tooth coloured braces ( or lingual braces.

Book an appointmentat a time that suits you. Children from as young as eight can receive early orthodontic treatment plans.

Meet with our orthodontic teamwho will advise on the types of braces available and the best options for your little one.

Get orthodontic treatment- which might include metal, traditional, ceramic, or lingual braces, and receive maintenance over time.

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Children’s braces now mean a healthier future

child dental

Interceptive treatment can make future orthodontic treatment quicker or even redundant
Early orthodontic treatment - like a palatal expander - can help prevent or minimise the overcrowding of teeth. The earlier the treatment, the better the outcome.

Straight teeth will promote oral hygiene
Children’s braces ensure more than just an attractive smile - resulting straight teeth allow for proper cleaning, and will help prevent gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay. It’s more than just about ‘aesthetics’ and school photos!

Get a treatment plan now and a payment plan over time
Our braces for children and other orthodontic work can be paid for using payment plans - so misaligned teeth nor finance will be an issue.

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Children's braces cost

From $8,000

Children’s orthodontic braces and orthodontic treatment will vary from little smile to little smile. We offer flexible payment plans so your child can start treatment towards their straighter smile, today.

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How much do braces cost for kids?

This varies from patient to patient as per their treatment plan, but generally start from $8,000. We offer flexible payment plan options with competitive interest rates so your child can be on their way to a straight smile.

What age can kids get braces?

Children typically get braces from 10 years and upwards. If they are a responsible teenager, Invisalign - clear plastic aligners - might be an appropriate option. You can read more about the difference between Invisalign and braces here.

What’s involved in orthodontics for kids?

There are various types of children orthodontic treatments and they can include - palatal expanders (to stretch overcrowded teeth or minimise the potential for overcrowding of teeth), metal braces (traditional), ceramic braces (clear) and lingual braces (placed behind the teeth).

Why don’t you include Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment for kids?

Invisalign puts a lot of the responsibility on the wearer - i.e. to be effective they must be worn at least 22 hours each day. Relying on children to put them back in after eating or to actually wear them full time while in school is a big weight to bear for little shoulders!