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Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth issues can be debilitating – we’ll treat them in the smartest way possible

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Have you been experiencing wisdom teeth pain, pus or bad breath? Is your face swollen, you’re constantly dealing with ulcers, or have you been told you’ve got ‘impacted wisdom teeth’? 

Our compassionate and highly experienced dentists will examine your wisdom teeth discomfort, and will assess, treat, or in some cases recommend removing wisdom teeth, whereas our payment plans and twilight sedation will make the latter as pleasant as possible.

Wisdom teeth removal – often the wisest approach
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Address wisdom tooth pain, now


At TL Dental if you’re in unbearable wisdom teeth pain, you can see us via our emergency appointments we schedule into our calendar each day.

An experienced, conservative approachIf our dentists can treat the cause of your wisdom teeth pain, without surgery, they will.

Twilight sedationFeeling anxious? Not to worry – we offer twilight sedation, which will see you completely calm but still awake during necessary wisdom teeth surgery.

Finance availableThe cost of wisdom teeth removal can be paid for using our payment plans – so you can say goodbye to teeth AND budget discomfort.

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Wisdom teeth removal


Wisdom teeth pain can completely ground you, which is why during a check-up and clean we will always examine them to make sure they’re in good condition.

If during any appointment it is assessed that you need your wisdom teeth removed, we will remove during the one surgery, gently, with your comfort prioritised. During this surgery you will be able to elect for twilight sedation, which in addition to the local anaesthesia, will see you in a conscious, completely calm state, unable to feel anything.

We will give you comprehensive advice post-surgery such as what to eat (i.e. soft foods!), to ensure your recovery is comfortable and quick.

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Our wisdom teeth removal procedure

root canal

Three steps from ‘Woe’ to ‘Woohoo!’


Book an appointment at a time that will allow for your wisdom teeth removal and recovery (typically two-three days recovery).


Our compassionate and highly-skilled dentists will remove all four wisdom teeth usually under just local anaesthetic, and using twilight sedation if requested.


After the surgery you’ll be given information on how to manage any expected swelling, bleeding or throbbing, and within a few days you’ll be smiling, sipping and chewing as usual.

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Wisdom teeth removal cost

From $600

Each patient’s wisdom teeth extraction treatment will be different, so costs will also differ. We offer flexible payment plans so you’ll be relieved of physical pain now, and any financial burden over time.

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What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the molar teeth found right at the back of your mouth, typically emerging in adulthood. You have two at the top and two at the bottom, and it’s important to note that not every person will experience wisdom teeth related pain.

Do wisdom teeth have to come out?

No they don’t. If you are experiencing wisdom teeth pain, please mention this at your check-up and clean, or if you’re not due for one please book an appointment. During these appointments our dentists will take an x-ray to see if wisdom teeth extraction is necessary, or if the symptoms you’re experiencing can be managed by cleaning the area, antibiotics, etc.

What are impacted wisdom teeth?

These are wisdom teeth that have not fully emerged from the gum properly, and can cause infection, pain, pus, swelling and / or are pushing other teeth, causing misalignment.

What’s involved in wisdom teeth removal recovery?

After your wisdom teeth surgery you may experience some bleeding, facial swelling, and mild discomfort that can be managed by over-the-counter pain medication. You should eat soft foods that require little chewing, and try to favour eating with your front teeth. Rest assured the swelling will likely recede in 48 hours.

What is ‘dry socket’ when it comes to the removal of wisdom teeth?

If your wisdom tooth socket (where the wisdom tooth once sat) does not form a blood clot over itself, there is a risk that food will get in this previous wisdom tooth site, and cause infection and severe pain. If you suspect this ‘dry socket’ has happened – please make an appointment.


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