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Implant Dentures Port Macquarie

Old dentures slipping or sore? Start smiling again with implant dentures.

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Want a tooth replacement solution that won’t slip out of place?

implant dentures

Implant dentures ‘snap on’ to dental implants, which are surgically placed in your jawbone just like natural teeth. Securely and comfortably held in place, implant supported dentures give you the worry-free confidence to smile, eat and speak with ease again.

Regular dentures can be more hassle than help
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Modern technology, old-fashioned thoughtfulness


Having implant dentures can seem like a long journey and the company makes all the difference. At TL Dental, we use today’s technology for excellent results, but our approach to people is from times gone by. There’s no rushing or rudeness here, just respect, gentleness and care. And you’ll barely feel a thing thanks to our modern anaesthetic techniques.

State-of-the-art technologyincluding 3D x-rays for outstanding accuracy

Your new denturesare made locally so we can fit them perfectly along the way

Flexible payment plansavailable to get you comfortable sooner

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Eat, speak and smile naturally and be yourself again


You don't need to give up on enjoying a nice meal or a laugh with friends because your dentures have stopped fitting you.

Implant supported dentures may seem like they take a little effort to install, but they make the world of difference. They’re much more secure, so they’ll never fall out unexpectedly. 

While you can still take your ‘snap-in’ dentures out to clean them, they sit more snugly in your smile than dentures, and can’t be pushed around by your tongue.

Because they don’t move, they don’t create sore spots by rubbing on your gums and cheeks. And they let you eat, speak and smile almost as naturally as your original teeth.

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What’s the process for implant dentures?


Three steps to a more comfortable smile


Come in and we’ll take 3D x-rays to see if implant dentures will work for you


Implants are surgically placed and we adapt your old dentures to fit you while you heal


Local technicians custom-make your new smile, and you get back to enjoying life!

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How much do implant dentures cost?

From $9,000

The cost varies depending on your exact situation. We know they are a significant investment in your comfort and happiness. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans that let you rediscover life’s pleasures sooner.

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Medibank and Westfund
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Are implant support dentures suitable for me?

The best way to find out if implant dentures would work for you is to come in for a 3D x-ray. We’ll know straight away and be able to discuss options with you.

How long do implant retained dentures last?

The implanted parts of your denture are designed to last a lifetime, as long as you care for them with regular brushing, flossing and dentist check and clean visits. The removable part of the implant retained denture will only need replacing every five to seven years.

Are implant dentures removable?

Implant dentures are made up of two parts: permanent dental implants that are surgically placed into your jawbone, and a removable ‘snap-on’ denture component that you can take out to clean and when you go to bed.

How to care for implant dentures?

You should care for your implant dentures like regular dentures; clean them frequently, soak them daily and leave them in a safe, dry place overnight. We will give you all the information you need and help you maintain them once they’re fitted.


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