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Dental emergency? We always have time to help.

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We set aside time every day for urgent appointments, so your emergency can be taken care of quickly. 

Don’t leave it to get better by itself

If you’re having a dental emergency like a chipped tooth, terrible pain, bleeding, sudden swelling or something else, call us right now. 

If you urgently need a dentist, don’t delay - get help now.

Why choose TL Dental in an emergency

We will give you advice on the phone on how to manage your issue until you see us, or if it turns out you need a different type of medical help, we’ll tell you how to get it fast.

We’re here when you need us! We put aside time each day for dental emergencies so you can see us today.

We welcome new patientsBook online easily when it suits you.

Honest communicationmeans no surprises about treatment or costs

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We can help get you out of dental pain

There are different kinds of dental emergency, but they all need immediate treatment.   We'll advise what you need to do with one phone call.

A chipped or broken tooth from eating, playing sport, or from a fall may not hurt, but it’s best to get it checked straight away because it can lead to complications. 

Bad infections need to be treated ASAP. They can cause pain, redness, an unpleasant taste in your mouth or even bleeding. Any swelling should also be seen to urgently. 

If you think you’ve broken your jaw, you should go to the hospital emergency department immediately.

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Dental Emergency Procedure

Three simple steps to taking care of a dental emergency


Call us now
or book online we save time time each day for emergencies.


Tell us what happened and if we can help, we’ll tell you when to come in.


We’ll apply dental first aid and discuss a treatment plan, options and costs with you

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Emergency dentist consultation cost

From $75

No two emergencies are alike, so the cost of your treatment will depend on your exact needs. We’ll let you know when you come in for your consultation.

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How do I know if I have a dental emergency?

If you need emergency dental care for a non-life-threatening issue like a chipped or broken tooth, sudden, extreme pain in your teeth, jaw or mouth, or any other dental problem call straight away and we will help you.

Will I wait a long time for an appointment?

We set aside time every day in our schedule for dental emergencies, so we always have appointments available for urgent cases that need to be treated quickly. Just give us a call and tell us what’s happened to you. We will advise you on when to come in, and what to do until you get here.

What if I can’t call you because it’s hard to speak?

If you’re in too much pain to talk on the phone, you can book online and make sure to note it’s an emergency. If you could have broken your jaw, you should go straight to the hospital emergency department.