What is the Child Dental Benefit Scheme?

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The Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) is an Australian government program that provides parents on certain benefits with dental care for their children.

To keep your child’s teeth healthy $1000 is provided over a two year calendar period for a range of essential dental services.

Regularly visiting the dentist at a young age will help to keep your child’s teeth healthy. This habit also helps prevent decay and other dental diseases that may result in more costly problems as they grow older.

Who can use the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme?

The program is managed by Medicare and your child may be eligible if:

  • They are between the age of 2-17 (at least some of the current year)
  • Your child qualifies for Medicare
  • If you receive Family Tax Benefit and you receive either Family Tax Benefit Part A, Parenting payment or Double Orphan Pension payments for at least some of that year.

Eligible families may have received information electronically or by post about the scheme.

If you’re unsure if your child qualifies for the scheme speak to Medicare who can confirm.

Before making an appointment with a dental office, check if the clinic participates in the scheme and if they can bulk bill your child’s treatment. This will save you the extra step of lodging a refund claim with Medicare. At TL Dental we bulk bill eligible children under the scheme for your convenience, so all you need is your Medicare card.

What is included in your $1000 allocation?

The scheme covers ‘basic’ dental services up to the value of $1000 over two years.  The most common include:

The Child Dental Benefit Scheme doesn’t cover orthodontic (teeth straightening), cosmetic dental procedures, or any work that might need to be done in a hospital. If you aren’t sure what’s covered, ask your dentist.

Your dentist will provide you with a treatment plan outlining any work your child may need and the cost. The allocation may be used all at once or spread out over time if appropriate.

The $1000 allowance will more than cover the cost of regular 6-monthly checkups and dental cleans so it’s worthwhile to take this preventative approach.

Start kids dental visits early

Research shows that starting dental visits early with your child helps them have healthier adult teeth and less dental problems. Regular visits also allow issues to be stopped and treated before they evolve into complex problems that require invasive treatments.

Many parents are shocked to learn that decay can occur at any age, even in toddlers. Although your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out, special care is needed to avoid decay.

We love happy kids (and parents!)

We’re well equipped to handle your child’s dental needs. Any anxiety about the visit will be eased when they find themselves in their very own kids- dedicated waiting room with lots of toys to create a positive environment. They’ll love the child friendly room with tv screens and toys. We’ll keep them comfortable and reduce the anxiety of their dental visit. And after their visit they'll have a chance to choose a toy from the treasure box.

Find out more

To learn more about this fantastic initiative or to check if you’re eligible, call our friendly on (02) 6583 4055 team who will be more than happy to assist.