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Daycare in Port Macquarie: The Ultimate Guide

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Dr Teresa Li
April 23, 2024

The mid-north coast at Port Macquarie is a fantastic place to raise kids. Great weather, strong communities and plenty of services including a broad range of day care centres at Port Macquarie, offer a great choice for young families. Many people choose to settle in this friendly town for lifestyle opportunities, beautiful parks and beaches, and to give their children room to grow and thrive.

At TL Dental we talk to a lot of parents who are ready for their child to enter a day care centre and are on the lookout for some great choices. We find that most parents want a service or family day care that really suits their child for the best growing and learning experience. 

Hard as it is to see your little one change and become an independent person, a child care centre or a family day care is the next positive step where kids learn to share and socialise. As parents we all want to give our kids the best chance to thrive, and enrolling your tot in a good child care centre is the beginning of that journey.

As a helping hand, TL Dental has organised a round-up of the top day care options near you and we’ll  continue to update  this list as a handy reference for you and your kids.

Featured Day Care Centres Port Macquarie 2021

1. Discovery Early Education and Care Centre

 A purpose built and high-quality certified centre that caters for children from 6 weeks to 6 years. Offers four lovely rooms designed for specific age groups, and strong learning and development programs in place that promote belonging, being and becoming. Lovely meals are prepared by a cook on-site, and menus are displayed in the foyer. A nurturing, caring environment with indoor and outdoor play areas.

Vacancies: New family registration option.


Discovery Early Education & Care Centre

2 Menzies Street (Off Capital Drive)

Thrumster, NSW

02 6516 1900


 The discovery early education and care centre in Thrumster
Discovery early education and care centre

2. Cowarra Park Preschool and Long Day Care

 Individualised learning with a magical outdoor environment, emphasising values of exploring, appreciating and respecting. Working in partnership with parents, staff and children to create a love for learning. The centre is open 50 weeks a year and is licensed for 75 children per day.

Vacancies: Vacancies available now.


Cowarra Park Preschool and Long Day Care

25 Forest Parkway

Lake Cathie NSW 2445

02 6584 8044


3. Columba Cottage Early Learning Centre

Columba Cottage offers a friendly, safe and nurturing environment for children to play, learn and grow. Locally owned and operated, the facility accommodates children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. Located on the safe and secure grounds of St Columba Anglican School in Port Macquarie.

Vacancies: Waitlist application form required.


Columba Cottage Early Learning Centre

1 Iona Avenue

Port Macquarie NSW 2444

02 6581 4433


4. Green Leaves Learning Centre

A spacious centre purpose built to reach the perfect balance between providing innovative early education experiences and meeting the needs of the community. Cook on-site. Children accepted from 6 weeks to 6 years.

Vacancies: Register to enroll.


Green Leaves Learning Centre

1 Fernhill Road

Port Macquarie NSW 2444 

02 6581 1451


Green Leaves Early Learning
Green Leaves Early Learning

5. Joey’s House

Joey’s House Early Education Centre places special emphasis on building strong partnerships with parents, so confidence in your child’s education and care is assured. Joey’s House is a small, intimate and reputable 55 place service. Offers flexible options to suit each family’s needs, from babies to pre-teens.

Vacancies: Please enquire re vacancies/enrolment. 


Joey’s House

6 Burgess Close

Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444 

02 6583 5242 


6. Eco Kids Village

 Eco Kids Village is a 90 place purpose built environmentally sustainable early childhood learning centre nestled within a leafy setting. Nutritious meals provided, sourced from local and organic produce, prepared by on-site cook. The staff are devoted to creating a healthy and harmonious start to your child’s learning journey. Providing a holistic education, nourishing the mind, body and soul.

Vacancies: Register to enroll.


Eco Kids Village

4 Greenmeadows Drive

Port Macquarie NSW 2444



7. Blooming Kids Early Learning and Long Day Care Centre

The centre provides your child the best that early learning and education has to offer. An enjoyable and vibrant environment focussing on enthusiasm, professionalism and team unity. On-site cook prepares fresh yummy food every day. Blooming Kids strives for a safe, consistent, friendly and warm environment for all our children and families. Caters to children from 6 weeks to 6 years.

Vacancies: Register to enroll. 


Blooming Kids Early Learning and Long Day Care Centre

81 – 83 Marian Drive

Port Macquarie NSW 2444

02 6581 2515


8. Smartland Boutique Early Learning

A place where every child is a unique individual who brings their own special qualities to the school. Aims  to provide a warm, welcoming, supportive and caring environment in which all children can grow socially, cognitively, emotionally, physically and morally. Accepting children aged 3-6 years.

Vacancies: Application required.


Smartland Boutique Early Learning

59 Sovereign Drive

Port Macquarie NSW 2444

1300 528 128


9.  Portside Preschool and Long Day Care Centre

Portside is a boutique high quality childcare centre where the children learn in small groups with experienced teachers and educators. The centre boasts a unique outdoor play area that is spacious and shaded, with plenty of room to run around. Strives to create a positive environment where children are happy. Offering educational pre-school programs. 3-6 years.

Vacancies: Register to enroll. 


Portside Pre School and Long Day Care Centre

67B Owen St

Port Macquarie NSW 2444

02 6584 2422


The portside pre school and long day care centre in port macquarie
Postside pre School and Long Day Care Centre

10.  Hastings Preschool and Long Day Care Centre

Hastings Preschool is a not-for-profit, community-based long day care centre and preschool and provides care and educational programs for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. Employs a project approach to teaching and learning so that all become co-learners; focusing on children’s understanding of the world as by talking and interpreting together.

Vacancies: Enrolment application required.


Hastings Preschool and Long Day Care Centre

12 Muston Street

Port Macquarie NSW 2444

02 6584 9211


11.  Little Beginnings Fernhill Road

 Little Beginnings Learning Centres aims to provide children with opportunities to thrive and wholly participate in learning through guidance, relationships and resources, maximising every child’s potential. Offering an inclusive and respectful framework and open learning environments. In-house chef works closely with parents and educators to create morning teas, lunches and afternoons teas for the children. 6 weeks to 6 years.

Vacancies: Join waiting list. 


Little Beginnings Fernhill Road

8 Fernhill Rd,

Port Macquarie NSW 2444

02 6581 2424


The little beginnings fernhill road day care centre in port macquarie
Little Beginnings Fernhill Road

12.  Port Macquarie Community Preschool

Developing children’s sense of agency is a key focus in the curriculum. Children engage with large blocks of unhurried time, with a free flowing indoor / outdoor rhythm of the day. Active learning promoted, where children are empowered to make choices to develop independence, confidence and resilience skills. The preschool is licensed for 60 children each day, with 3 rooms of 20 children per group.

Vacancies: Enroll by expression of interest.


Port Macquarie Community Preschool

41 Munster Street

Port Macquarie NSW 2444

02 6583 4328


13.  Goodstart Early Learning

Providing care for children in groups from nursery through to kindergarten and preschool. Goodstart is a fun and stimulating environment in which your children can thrive. The grounds back onto a reserve which offers an open and peaceful outlook. A recently renovated outdoor area is a safe, clean environment for active kids. The playground has a separate play area for nursery children to explore and interact with their environment safely and independently.

Vacancies: Contact re enrolment.


Goodstart Early Learning

10 Emerald Drive

Port Macquarie NSW 2444 

02 6583 4328


Your Child at Day Care - Handy Tips

If your child has already started at a day care centre or family day care they may provide lunch and snacks for the kids, including a variety of fruit. It’s around this time or even earlier that parents become very aware of the importance of oral hygiene and the condition of their child’s teeth. It’s highly recommended that your child visits the dentist from age one when new teeth are present.

In new play environments children learn from each other; they watch what others eat and often bring their own food to a child care centre. Being part of a group encourages kids to explore different foods – a blessing for those with fussy eaters! Trying cheese sticks, crunchy carrots, sultanas and plain crackers can be a new adventure for tiny tots. 

Tiny Teeth Matter

Kids playing in tl dentals dedicated childrens playroom in port macquarie
If children' s tooth decay is not prevented and treated, it can be painful, lead to infection and cause early tooth loss

TL Dental, the dentists port macquarie NSW is aware of the impact that children’s social behaviours have around food and how that affects dental health long term and has developed a campaign around oral hygiene for kids called Tiny Teeth Matter, aimed at helping mums and dads - and kids too, by increasing awareness around the dangers and disadvantages of early childhood tooth decay – it’s more common than you think. 

Get your Tiny Teeth matter ebook here!

If children's tooth decay is not prevented and treated, it can be painful, lead to infection and cause early tooth loss. Losing the baby teeth too soon can cause delayed speech development and poor eating habits, which affect bone and brain development. So even though there’s only twenty of them, those baby teeth really count.

Prevention is the key to reducing the chance of tooth decay in your child. There’s a misconception that baby teeth don’t require care because they’ll eventually fall out. However, if your two-year old loses a tooth to decay, it could be four or five years before their adult tooth comes through. It’s important to look after baby teeth and keep bacteria levels in tiny mouths under control, so kids can use their teeth in tandem with normal childhood development.

And if you spot a tiny tooth coming through, book your first appointment with TL Dental now.

At your initial consultation with TL Dental, we make sure your kids are comfortable and at ease while being treated and at their following appointments. Our dentists will chat to you about how to manage early tooth care and work out a plan for you and your child as more teeth come in. Tips on brushing, spitting, avoiding cavities and steering clear of the wrong foods will safeguard your child’s dental health for years to come.

If you own or manage a childcare or day care centre in or near Port Macquarie and would like to be featured in updated versions of this list please contact us here.

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