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Dental Implant Cost - Information You Need For This Invaluable Tooth Replacement Procedure

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Dr Teresa Li
April 23, 2024

If you’re looking to replace your missing or damaged adult tooth or teeth, no doubt you’ll be doing your research into the cost of dental implants. 

Our dental implants start from $5000 per tooth - we’re always upfront and honest here at TL Dental - and this article explains what goes into that starting cost, and what you’ll get in return for your investment. 

Before we start - just a reminder that we do offer an accommodating finance option with our MediPay payment plan. It’s flexible and competitive so you’ll feel comfortable heading into this life-changing treatment financially, to then go on to enjoy the physical, emotional and social outcomes of your restored smile.

What goes into the price of dental implants?

Many factors, as not all missing teeth concerns are created equal. Our $5000 starting point will vary according to the below considerations.

Tooth or teeth implant cost - singular or plural? It matters.

If you are needing just one dental implant for a single tooth that is missing (or is unhealthy and requires extraction), this cost will naturally be less than if you require replacement for a number of missing/damaged teeth, positioned side-by-side. The latter can see up to six teeth replaced by a crown bridge placed using two dental implants. If however the missing teeth are not side-by-side, an individual tooth implant cost will apply per tooth.

A single dental implant illustration.
Many factors influence the price of a dental implant as not all missing teeth concerns are created equal.

Ready to replace that missing or damaged tooth?

Our dental implants can give you a lifetime of restored tooth function, and your smile back!

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Preparation required for the dental implant procedure

If you present needing tooth extraction due to gum disease etc, this will obviously need to be done before the dental implant is placed. Further, in the situation that your jaw bone is not strong enough to handle the placement of the titanium dental implant, you might require a preparatory sinus lift and/or a bone graft to build your bone’s strength.

These treatments are performed prior to the dental implant surgery itself - thus can contribute to the final cost.

First-class materials

A dental implant procedure is not a small one, however the outcome is intended to last a life-time. As the saying goes: ‘the poor man pays twice’ - and we only use the highest-quality materials. 

Our dental crowns are completely customised and handcrafted, abutments (which join your dental crown to the dental implant) are strong titanium, as are the dental implants themselves. 

You’ll go on to leave with natural-looking, fully functional teeth, designed to keep you happy and your mouth healthy, for many years to come.

Dentist experience

Dental implant surgery is intricate and complex with absolute precision required. As such you’ll want a highly experienced dentist with skills across all types of dental implants procedures, behind the mask. Dr Leigh is just that, with a successful track-record, having performed the treatment for many years, on hundreds of patients. Paying for experience is important, especially when it comes to your teeth.

Dr Leigh Jiang is the owner and co-founder of TL Dental.
Dr Leigh is a highly experienced dentist with skills across all types of dental implants procedures, and has restored hundreds of patients restore their smiles.

Doze off and wake up with dental implants

As mentioned, dental implant surgery is significant and some patients feel more comfortable receiving sleep sedation during the procedure. This is totally understandable and therefore we offer IV sedation, administered by a qualified medical professional. Whilst the anaesthetic is not necessary from a pain point of view, if patients choose to ‘sleep’ during the surgery due to nervousness or worry, this optional offering will add to the final cost.

To end - dental implants are an essential and preventative treatment designed to restore your teeth’s function, your smile, and your confidence, whilst halting any further teeth or jaw movement. They are an investment in your current and future health, and vary in cost, which can be accommodated by our flexible payment plan.

If you’re committed to your dental health, book your appointment now at dentist port macquarie.

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