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How much does Invisalign cost?

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Dr Teresa Li
April 23, 2024

Are you longing for a perfectly straight smile but are too embarrassed or self-conscious to wear metal braces?

Invisalign is a discreet alternative to metal braces that will give you a straight smile using just clear and removable tray aligners. This new world of orthodontics offers custom-made trays to fit your exact needs.

With all of the great benefits of Invisalign compared to traditional braces, you’re probably wondering how much Invisalign costs?

While everyone ends up having a different cost for Invisalign based on their unique needs, the average price range is $5,000 to $7,500.

A couple of factors determine the final price of Invisalign. We're here to help guide you through the Invisalign cost questions that everyone is asking.

What Is Invisalign? 

Invisalign clear braces are becoming the preferred teeth straightening method for adults. For one, it is far more subtle than regular, metal braces that are fixed directly on the teeth for everyone to see.

Not only is it discreet, but Invisalign fits comfortably in your mouth. The flexible, multilayer SmartTrack material is exclusive to Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign aligners
Invisalign aligners are made from clear, comfortable plastic, custom-designed to fit snugly over your teeth

Invisalign creates beautifully straight smiles without the hassle of the brackets and wires that braces have. Plus, you can take the clear aligners out to eat, brush, floss or go to a meeting. When you're finished, just place the aligner back in your mouth.

Invisalign before after
Check out our gorgeous patient Natalee before and after her Invisalign treatment

Invisalign is a trusted, safe and effective alternative to braces. In fact, they have 20 years of innovation and more than 5 million Invisalign smiles to prove it.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

There's no way to quote a price for Invisalign without first seeing your teeth and bite. Each case is different. 

The exact cost of your Invisalign will depend on:

  • How complex your case is
  • The length of treatment required 

The cost of an Invisalign treatment is similar to traditional fixed ceramic braces.  Metal braces are typically more inexpensive, but most adults prefer the more discreet tooth straightening options.

Factors to Consider:

  • How much your teeth need to move- Dentists handle every Invisalign patient on a case by case basis. One patient might have mild crowding and will only need Invisalign for a short amount of time. Meanwhile, another patient might have severe overcrowding and a bite issue, which would take longer to correct. Thus, costing more money.
  • The number of aligners you'll require- Dentists will replace your aligners every one to two weeks depending on your exact alignment problem. Each set of aligners will have a new shape to shift the teeth until you’ve reached your goal.  The more aligners you need the higher the expected cost of Invisalign.
  • The number of visits to track progress- Invisalign treatments can range from a few months to a few years. If the procedure only takes a few months, the cost can be from as low as $5,000. However, if the treatment is more extensive, it can cost up to $6,000 to $7500.

This is because the cost of follow-up appointments to track your progress is generally included in the price.  As you'd expect a short treatment may require 4-6 follow up visits.  A complicated case can take up to 24 months requiring many more follow up visits.

If you break or lose an aligner, it can lead to an additional cost of replacement. At the same time, if you do not wear the aligners for the required 20-22 hours a day, it will take longer for teeth to shift. This could potentially lead to additional costs.

At our Port Macquarie dental practice, we offer this general guide on the average cost of Invisalign trays. But please keep in mind, these prices only offer a ballpark figure. The total cost of your Invisalign treatment will depend on your unique circumstances.

Type of Invisalign i7 Lite Teen Full
Number of Aligners Up to 7 8-14 Dependent on case 15+
Estimated cost (from) $3,500 $4,000 $3,500 - 7,500 $6,000

Want a more personalised estimate of how much your Invisalign may cost? The Invisalign cost calculator can provide you with a more accurate price point based on your unique circumstances.

How Can You Pay for Invisalign? 

Fortunately, payment plans consisting of affordable weekly payments can allow you to get that picture-perfect smile.

At Dentists Port Macquarie TL Dental, we work with Medipay to offer flexible and easy payment plans for Invisalign treatment. This means you can pay for your treatment in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments over 12 to 24 months. To give you an idea, a weekly payment could be from as low as $40. Plus, you can get approved for your payment plan in just 60 minutes!

Want to learn more about our payment plan options? Simply visit the Finance section of our website or speak to one of our patient coordinators about your needs and how the application process works. You can call (02) 6583 4055 or email us your inquiry.

Invisalign payment plans
Speak to our friendly staff about our affordable payment plans for your Invisalign treatment.

Does Private Health Insurance Cover Invisalign Treatment? 

At TL Dental, we accept all major health funds and offer HICAPS, so you can get your rebates back on the spot. We are preferred providers for NIB, HCF, Medibank and Westfund.

Depending on your level of extras cover, you may be able to claim a rebate towards the cost of your Invisalign treatment through your private health insurance. However, there are a couple of things to consider first: 

Check out your waiting period

If you only just set up your health insurance, you may be required to undertake a waiting period of up to 12 months before you can claim for your Invisalign treatment. 

Know your orthodontic lifetime limit

Invisalign usually falls under orthodontics within your dental coverage. One thing to keep in mind is that orthodontic treatments are usually subject to a per-person lifetime limit. This means that there is a maximum amount you can claim for orthodontic treatments for life. So, if you’ve already reached your lifetime limit, you won’t be able to claim for any further treatments — even if you switch health insurers down the line.

Use your lifetime limit wisely

This is a crucial factor to think about when claiming for your Invisalign treatment. For the treatment to work effectively, you must wear the aligners consistently as per your dentist’s advice. If you don’t follow your treatment guidelines, you may not achieve the results you want and will have to self-fund the entire amount for any future orthodontic work.

Speak to your insurer

Policy inclusions and lifetime limits can vary depending on your health fund and level of coverage. Before starting any dental work, we recommend that you speak with your insurer about your specific policy and whether your treatment will be covered.

Benefits of Straightening Teeth With Invisalign

  1. Invisalign is removable so you can function just as you would before. With Invisalign, you can still eat, brush and floss like normal.

  2. With over 20 years of research, Invisalign is the most advanced and innovative clear alignment system.

  3. This hassle-free orthodontic system only requires you to make trips to the dentist every six to eight weeks. This leaves you with more time to do the things you love.

  4. The clear aligners will give you a boost of self-confidence because they are virtually invisible. Additionally, if you have been hiding your smile due to crooked teeth, Invisalign will provide you with the flawless smile you have been longing for.

  5. Invisalign will improve your oral hygiene. Severely crowded teeth are difficult to brush, floss and keep healthy, which can lead to dental problems such as bleeding gums.

TL Dental Invisalign Before and After
We love seeing our patients show off their new, straight smiles thanks to Invisalign!

What’s the Difference in Cost Between Invisalign vs. Braces?

This is one of the main questions we hear at our Port Macquarie dental clinic. If you’re considering straightening your smile, you’re bound to have weighed up Invisalign vs. braces. So, let’s take a look at the potential costs involved for each treatment.


People usually assume that Invisalign is the more expensive option for teeth straightening. But in some cases, Invisalign may end up costing less than traditional braces.


Did you know there are a few different types of braces? Each style is fixed to your teeth for the duration of your treatment but they can vary significantly in cost.

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces use stainless steel brackets and wires that are fixed to the outside of your teeth, making them the most noticeable of the braces family. People generally assume that traditional metal braces are the cheapest option. But this isn’t always true — it depends on the complexity of the case.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces use brackets that are made out of white or clear ceramic, meaning they blend in with your teeth a little better. They are slightly more expensive than metal braces due to the cost of the materials used.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces use metal brackets and wires that are attached to the back of your teeth, rather than the front, making them far less noticeable. When it comes to the cost of braces, lingual braces are the most expensive — and they usually take longer to fit.

Invisalign vs. Braces Cost Comparison

We’ve broken down the cost of Invisalign and the different types of braces in this handy table

Invisalign $3,500 - $8,000
Traditional metal braces $5,900 - $8,000
Ceramic braces $6,000 - $8,500
Lingual braces From $8,000

Beware of Cheaper Alternatives to Invisalign

There have been so many clear aligner treatments popping up in recent years so it’s only natural that you may be feeling a little confused about your options. We’re seeing a lot of misinformation out there which is making it hard for patients to make a well-informed choice.

It’s important to be wary of cheaper alternatives to Invisalign — especially at-home solutions where you don’t need to see a dentist to have your aligners fitted or monitored.

While many of these online aligner companies appear to offer the same treatment and product as Invisalign, the way they administer your treatment is very different. And these cheaper options could see you forking out a lot more in future.

Here are a few reasons why you should be wary of Invisalign alternatives:

Your teeth could move too fast or too much

If this happens, you could end up losing your teeth altogether. That’s why it’s recommended that you only straighten your teeth under the regular supervision of a dentist or orthodontist.

Most online aligner companies only monitor your progress remotely and you’re never required to attend an in-person visit with a dentist. With Invisalign, however, your treatment is supervised by Australian licensed dentists through regular in-person check-ups. This is the best way to ensure your teeth are shifting into position safely.

It may not be effective for some cases

Most online aligner companies advertise that their aligner treatment is only suitable for minor to moderate cases. If you have more complex issues ors misalignments, you probably won’t be able to achieve the results you want with this style of treatment.

 Invisalign has been proven to effectively treat minor to severe misalignments and bite corrections. Your dentist will also work closely with you to develop a more personalised plan. They will monitor your progress and adjust your treatment when necessary to ensure you achieve a great result.

If something goes wrong, you’re on your own

There is a chance that your teeth straightening treatment may not go to plan. If any issues were to arise, it pays to have a professional dentist by your side to address the problem immediately. It’s important to have regular, in-person check-ups by a dentist so they can catch any small issues before they turn into big problems. Without this safety net, you could find yourself paying a lot more down the track to fix any damage.

They don’t take x-rays of your teeth

Without an x-ray, your dentist won’t know if there are any underlying issues beneath your teeth and gums that could impact the success of your treatment.

At TL Dental, our dentists will always start any teeth straightening treatment with an x-ray. This helps us to ensure we’re creating the best treatment plan for your teeth from day one.

Remember, straightening your teeth is a major dental procedure. Invisalign not only offers a more personalised treatment, but it also gives you the peace of mind that your teeth are in safe hands.

How to get started with Invisalign in Port Macquarie at TL Dental?

‍The first step to your straighter and more confident smile is a consultation.

A smile consultation costs $60 and we will check your bite and the health of your teeth and gums. Based on your answers, we will determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign and importantly the expected treatment time/cost for your ideal result.

Invisalign is for adults and teenagers with a variety of teeth straightening issues of different complexities. But, like all dental treatments, there is no definitive answer as to if Invisalign is for you.

Invisalign is quite versatile and can treat a wide range of cases. However, your dentist may still recommend traditional braces to achieve a particular result.

To book your consultation call us at 02 6583 4055 or book an appointment online.

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